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We are officially 501(c)(3)!

In 2021 HalfwayHome rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed 79 Animals!!

2021 Success Stories!

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Who We Are

Thank you for choosing to view our website on your journey to find your forever friend. Halfway Home is a cat and dog rescue and foster program and the number of animals we have is dependent on foster home space and funding. We operate solely on donations and adoption fees If you are looking to adopt, surrender or donate, please view the appropriate pages.

Our animals come from all walks of life, and we do the best we can to take them on and work with them on whatever issues they may have. This will get them ready for a home environment. These dogs and cats live in homes that typically (although not always) have other dogs, other cats, children, and we begin basic training and socialization to ensure our pets are well-rounded. We want the finest for our fosters, and we use applications, meet and greets, and contracts to ensure a proper home is found.

Adoption fees cover the out-of-pocket expenses of Sterilization (Spay/Neuter), age-appropriate vaccines, de-worming, fecal testing, probiotics, testing, micro-chipping and any other medication that they need; Not to mention the food and other types of supplies. We need the fees to not only cover what we've lost, but to also get ready for the next fosters. Our fees are non-refundable so please keep that in mind.

Family is forever, please keep that in mind when adopting. Consider to Adopt don’t shop expression, and let’s end the over pet-population together!

*We also offer TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release), please send in a request on the proper page.

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