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In 2021 HalfwayHome rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed 79 Animals!!

2021 Success Stories!

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Liten is a 7-month-old orange tabby male. Great with other cats, coexists with dogs, but he is skittish of humans. Would be best adopted as a barn cat or as a companion to an existing cat.





Thank you for coming to see the dogs and cats currently up for adoption through our organization. We have many breeds, ages, and personality types to fit your family and lifestyle. Genders are indicated by the colored dot on the images. Pink for females, blue for males. If you have any questions about our animals, please contact us. During their stay with us, each foster begins basic training and socialization so that they get a jump start into living in a home environment. We are currently not a kennel-based shelter, we only use foster homes so that each cat and dog can live with a family, in better preparation for the life waiting for them.

However, keep in mind that sometimes the animals we have in foster need a bit of extra patience and support. We often get skittish and shy cats, behavioral challenged dogs, and exasperated humans which can often be a bit stressful, especially for the animals.

Adoption fees vary depending on animal type and age, but below is a quick guide to get a better idea. We hold adoption discounts and specials throughout the year, so please feel free to inquire!

  • Puppies: $350.00
  • Adult dogs: $200-250.00
  • Kittens: $160.00
  • Adult Cats: $100.00

Adoption fees include but are not limited to: Veterinary examinations, age-appropriate deworming and vaccinations, fecal testing, spay/neuter, micro-chipping, probiotics during their stay with us, DNA testing (upon request), and much more.


  • Deposits are non-refundable. Please keep this in mind when placing one on a pet.
  • We will not adopt out cats to a home that will declaw or will be allowed outdoors.
  • Microchips are registered under "Halfway Home Animal Rescue" as the primary contact. Adopters will be added to their files, but the rescue reserves the right to keep their foster animals'; microchip information as they deem necessary.

  • DOB: 02/19/2021
    Breed: Domestic short-hair
    Gender: Neutered Male

    Description: Rescued from outside, so he’s struggling with human contact. He loves other cats and is a good house guest, but isn’t a fan of humans. Social skills will continue to be worked with while in foster.

    DOB: 03/25/2021
    Gender: Neutered Male
    Breed: Domestic short-hair

    Description: Miraz is an outgoing cat that was brought to foster as a young kitten. Due to a prior injury, a hind leg had to be amputated, turning Miraz into a well-functioning tripod. In foster, Miraz has socialized well with other cats, dogs and children. He is often found in laps, begging for attention. He would love to be adopted with his BFF, Maugrim, but it is not mandatory. Miraz has no troubles with his handicap, and can use a litter box just fine and even can make it on top of cat trees.

    DOB: 03/10/2022
    Breed: Domestic medium-hair
    Gender: Neutered Male

    Description: Coming Soon!

    DOB: 03/13/2022
    Breed: Domestic short-hair
    Gender: Neutered Male

    Description: Coming Soon!

    DOB: 03/13/2022
    Breed: Domestic short-hair
    Gender: Neutered Male

    Description: Coming Soon!

    DOB: 03/13/2022
    Breed: Domestic short-hair
    Gender: Neutered Male

    Description: Not yet available

    Coming Soon


    None at this time

    Disclaimer: This website is updated as often as possible. We cannot make updates with each and every arrival and departure of animals in our care. Please be advised that its first come, first served and the animals will go to the most qualified applicant in order of which they e-mail to inquire about the animal.